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Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite Soccer Cleats Wearing Feeling Review


Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite TF is a new product of Nike in the field of small field in the World Cup. As the flagship shoe model of small field football, it still perfectly inherits the super-top high gang design.
In addition to being highly recognizable, the high-top design can effectively prevent the rubber particles and foreign objects from entering the shoe storehouse in the field of people's pasture, greatly reducing the sense of foreign objects in the process of playing football and forming a very comfortable experience.This is a very real configuration for those who spend years playing small games.

While it looks a lot like the big game supertop, it's actually just "looks like" and has the Swoosh logo on the outside as well as the inside.

Their shoe body line appears to add height, add thick not a few, the visual center of gravity of integral nature also changed tall a lot, give a person a kind of solid heavy feeling.

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The texture of the shoe is still familiar with the Flyknit fabric, but it does not adopt the 360 degree all-around vamp technology in the top and super top versions of the large field. It is just a combination of pure fabric and hot melt film.
The upper part of the shoe also intentionally hollows out the hot melt film layer to resemble fine grain shape design, in order to create the same effect as the upper part of the larger field version of the shoe, it is actually a lower-end painting leather method.
The vamp is really thin, which is similar to the SF4 TF shoe, which is widely believed to be a small device. Therefore, the encapsulation and the sense of touch ball are much better than the SF 5 TF.

Since it is specially prepared for the small field people's pasture, there is a border protection design on the large bottom of the shoe head. The black edge is about 1cm wide on the net, and a circle of hot melt film is added for the reinforcement and protection.

Oddly enough, it's not really the case that the bolt-on wire is missing, since it's all set up for the bottom of the bag.From this point of view, the overall volume and thickness of the shoe head are superior and can be compatible with most people's foot types.

Although ACC technology is also available in the small field super top level version, we believe that it does not adopt the design of weaving ACC directly into the shoe surface, but continues to use the traditional idea of brush coating.
Moreover, it can be clearly seen from the figure that the coverage area of the hot melt film has a significant shrinkage, and there is no hot melt film in the latter part.

Without the cover of the hot melt film layer, the fabric itself naturally does not have the waterproof property, and the common dripping experiment in the back also proves that the shoe surface is indeed exposed directly. The most important thing is that some soil and sweat stains are very easy to get dirty without the protection of the hot melt film layer, which is difficult to be cleaned and maintained in the future.

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The knit Flyknit logo is seen at the front of the collar, a reminder that it doesn't use the new 360-degree all-around design.

The big M LOGO on the back is the same as the super top of the big field. The illusion color film on the surface looks really cool.

The inner lining material of the heel is actually the same as the top super top level that we introduced before, but there is no drilling treatment, and the details are not exquisite enough.

The new nail base is actually derived from Mercurial assassin's most famous v-shaped starting pin, which has inherent advantages for instant start and acceleration, but lacks support and traction for lateral movement, especially for side slides and small range movements.

The front palm is almost entirely occupied by the inverted V nail, which can be very helpful to start up.
For those who like speed, or who are known for their explosive power, this is a powerful design.

In the middle and back of the large bottom, you can see that the thick EVA damping layer is added. The texture is very soft. Compared with the previous generation's thick and stiff, you can feel its foot feel a lot better this time.

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The insole material has been re-used with soft Orthlite in the super top version of xiaochang, with a certain improvement in comfort, but the insole surface does not have a good anti-skid effect.The net length of the insole of JP 275 is 27.7cm. According to the fitting results, we suggest that you start with the normal size.

Although it has no midsole, its rubber sole and thick shock absorbent make it 266 grams.

This pair of Nike Superfly VI Elite TF's thin and thin shoes is definitely a feature of it, far surpassing the previous generation of assassins' super-top TF's harsh and heavy texture, which also makes us see the shadow of SF4 TF again in it.
It is obvious that the vamp is not equipped with the new 360-degree all-around technology, and there are no fine lines on the surface to enhance the friction force. The coverage area of the hot melt film is also greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the wear resistance of the latter part and the ease of post-treatment.
The combination of the above points gives us a sense of severe underallocation, and such mistakes are completely avoidable in our view.
In addition, it slightly shows that the single TF shoe nail arrangement cloth also exposes certain problems in lateral movement, so it has a certain gap from SF4 TF, but the whole is stronger than SF5 TF.

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