New Experience About Nike Magista Obra II

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New Experience About Nike Magista Obra II


The story about Magista doesn't need much elaboration, and the appearance of Magista completely changes the pattern of traditional football shoes.

Nike Magista Obra ii Leather FG Soccer Shoes


Today's second generation Magista, with its new technology, is once again shaking up our knowledge of sneakers.The Magista II should have surprised you when you first saw it.The exaggerated high-top shape and vamp do not inherit the Magista I at all.For such a design, I think everyone has their own reasons for choosing it. Since they have chosen a style, they have chosen an attitude.


The vamp is the biggest improvement in the Magista Obra II, but the material composition has not changed. It is still the combination of the Flykint knitting material and the hot melt film covering of the Nike family.The highest bump on the vamp is located at the most important contact ball position, with a height of 4.5mm.To eliminate the impact of uneven vamp on comfort, the Magista Obra II's vamp liner is fitted with a thin cushioning sponge.Heat sensitive design also bring the concavo-convex properties of material, Magista Obra II also joined the on both sides of the instep is similar to the Flywire fly line the same structure, strengthen the stability of the shoes, and one of the most important aspects of the overall traction system is composed of sneakers.

Nike Magista Obra ii Leather FG Soccer Shoes


Although the sole of the Magista i was very good and the court competition was excellent, Nike took great pains in the design of the sole.Nike used Finite Element Analysis, a Finite Element Analysis method similar to Superfly V, on the large bottom design of Magista Obra II football shoes.The tapered tacks have an irregular hole in them, giving them a considerable advantage in flexibility.


The detail control of a pair of sneakers on the insole is usually a plus, with blue ponron cushioning on the front and back of the insole.
Magista Obra II uses a non-midsole design to reduce the weight of the shoe body.


1. the design of the new shoes to bring in the ascent of ankle area comfort at the same time, also use thicker knitting structure bring additional packages and protection for the ankle, on both sides of the ankle is knitted material obviously felt upset.
2. The heel cover cup has been built in this time. The hardness is quite ideal.
3. The collar height of the Achilles tendon area of Magista Obra II decreased, which is also considered to bring better comfort.

Nike Magista Obra Leather FG Soccer Shoes


Comment :

The Flyknit flying woven upper, which last-generation products, guarantees the Magista Obra II's good feel. The newly added 3D wave trough and the increased thickness of the upper cushion further enhance the feedback and upper of the feet when the upper is touched. The enveloping nature of the Magista Obra II has made a qualitative leap from the previous generation. The ergonomically designed new Dynamic Fit dynamic fit has a more natural wrap and a greater level of comfort than the previous generation.

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